Why You Should Use Lemongrass Oil?

Posted by Admin on November, 06, 2021

Lemongrass is basically a tropical and grassy plant that is often used for cooking purposes and the creation of herbal medicines. The Lemongrass Oil is actually extracted from the leaves and grass of the Lemongrass plant. One can find the oil from Lemongrass in soaps and other products of personal care due to its strong, citrus scent. Even healthcare providers extract and use this oil in order to treat problems related to digestion and high blood pressure.
In aromatherapy for example this oil is an essential tool in relieving stress, anxiety and depression from individuals.
• Antibacterial properties of lemongrass: Lemongrass plant is quite commonly used for treating wounds and preventing any kind of infection. According to some research materials it was found that Lemongrass Oil can prove to be extremely effective against various types of bacteria that are drug-resistant and can cause skin infections, blood infections, pneumonia, intestinal infections.
• Antifungal properties: Scientists and other professionals have often mentioned that oil from the Lemongrass plant can be a useful deterrent against certain types of fungi like jock itch, ringworm, athletes foot.
• Anti-inflammatory: Lemongrass plant consists of citral that is considered to be an Anti-inflammatory compound.
• Antioxidant properties: According to several studies and bits of research it has been found that the oil from lemongrass can be essentially useful in hunting down free radicals that often cause damage to the cells of a person’s body. Even mouthwashes that consist of oil from the lemongrass have shown strong antioxidant abilities. Some medical experts have even suggested that this oil can be potentially used as a complementary therapy for dental procedures that do not require any kind of surgery.
• Helps to reduce cholesterol: It is very important for any person to keep their levels of cholesterol stable. Lemongrass is usually used for treating high cholesterol and managing different types of heart diseases. In a 2007 study, it was proved that the oil extracted from the Lemongrass plant can significantly help to reduce in animals who were fed a diet consisting of high cholesterol for almost the span of two weeks.
However, it is important to note that this positive reaction of the oil was dependant because the effects of the oil were quite different every time based on the dose that was changed.
• Regulation of blood sugar levels: People who have type 2 diabetes have seen reductions in their blood sugar levels with help of the oil from Lemongrass. It can even change the lipid parameters while increasing the level of good cholesterol.
• Relives pain: The presence of citral in the Lemongrass Oil often helps in easing pain due to the fact that it relieves inflammation. With a case study conducted with people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it was found that the extracted oil from the Lemongrass plant can decrease the pain caused due to arthritis.
The pain levels were found to be decreasing from almost eighty to fifty per cent within the time span of thirty days.
• Helps to reduce anxiety: Combining aromatherapy with the oil from lemongrass can help in easing stress and anxiety. Even Lemongrass Oil Exporters have mentioned that this oil can provide significant health benefits when combined with proper use.

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